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Severance Agreements Should Protect Employees' Rights As Well Employers'

We Review Agreements And Negotiate Improved Terms For Employees

When employers terminate an employee, whether for performance issues, due to a reduction in work force or for any other reason, the employee often is offered a severance package. While this is common practice, Illinois is an at-will employment state, meaning employers can terminate an employee at any time without notice and without providing severance pay. One exception to this is if an employee had signed a contract with the employer that stipulated a severance agreement.

Protect Your Interests Before Signing A Severance Agreement

An employer may incorporate obligations into a severance agreement that could hinder an individual's opportunities to pursue new employment. These may include restrictive covenants or restrictions on using proprietary information.

A severance agreement also may include a clause preventing the employee from suing the employer. If you are a victim of discrimination or other workplace infraction, you do not want to sign such an agreement without having a knowledgeable employment law attorney review it first.

Do You Understand Everything In Your Agreement?

At the law office of Herman J. Marino Ltd., P.C., we review severance agreements with employees before they sign them in order to make sure they fully understand the terms of the agreement. Often, we will draft a counteroffer that removes or rewrites unfavorable clauses and negotiates improved terms.

A severance agreement that is loaded with restrictions and weighted in favor of an employer may be a red flag that you have better options. We welcome the opportunity to review a severance agreement and review alternatives with you before you are locked into something you wish you hadn't signed.

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